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Join the Son Camp in East-Cuba Tours

In February 2019 Salsa Camp Events made the first pioneer Son Camp Tour to Santiago, Guantanamo & Baracoa in East-Cuba, which is the origin and homeland for famous “El Son Cubano”

The tour was organized in cooperation with Yanek Revilla and Sabor DKY in Santiago and Bara-rumba in Baracoa. The objective of the tour was to investigate and explore the dance, music and culture roots of the Cuban Son by dancing

The tour was a great experience and success. 20 dedicatted son-lovers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany participated together with Cuban son instructors, musicians, musicologist, culture- and dance experts.

In 2020 the explaration of the Cuba son roots continues with the following up tour - "Son-Camp II in East-Cuba" - to Santiago and Baracoa from January 29 to February 14.

The tour includes 20 seats - where 19 seats already are sold - and there is now 1 seat left for a son lovers man.

If you are interested to join the tour - or if you are interested to hear more about the
coming Son Camp in East-Cuba tours?

Please contact me on: +45 2323572 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can see Sign Up for the Son Camp II in East-Cuba Tour here

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Best Son Camp regards

Carl  -  Tour-Manager