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Would you like to go to Cuba on a 16-days unique dance- and adventure tour, with the best Cuba can offer in salsa, music, culture, nature and life of joy?  Then join the Salsa Camp in Cuba 2020 Easter Tour, March 27 - April 13!  by signing up HERE. Max 24 seats en total - Now 12 seats left! 

Havana/Viñales, Santiago, Baracoa
The Tour start with 6 days in Havana which is one of the world's seven most beautiful cities. Here we take the puls of the Cuban capital and its hectic dance- and nightlife - Including a day-trip to the Viñales Valley known as the tabaco land of Cuba and for its buitifull mountain landscape.
From Havana we fly to the hot land - "La Tierra Caliente" - in East Cuba to Santiago de Cuba - the Son City of Cuba - where we will stay in 5 days.
From Santiago we go on an astonishing Mountain-Ocean bus-tour along the azure blue Caribbean Ocean and crossing the green mountains by the on Farola Highway to the outskirt town Baracoa, which is a nature pearl at the South-East cost - where Cuba beginns! - We will stay 5 days in Baracoa to dance, thrill out, swim and do nature trekking and much more.
Finally we fly back to Havana, where we will stay one day and end the tour.

To all salsa dancers 
The tour is adressed to salsa dancers in Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany, UK and Europe from beginners, intermediates to advanced levels 1-3. 

The dance program includes 16 hours of Cuban salsa with Cuban partners (salsa, son, cha cha cha, rumba, salsaton, afro etc.) with the extra opportunity to dance more son in Santiago and Baracoa, for those who would like to learn son or improve their son skills.

You will be teached and trained by super high qualified teams of instructors and assistants from some of the best Cuban dance schools of  Madelyne "Marisuri" Garcia, Geldys Morales and Karelia Despaigne in Havana. - Yanek Revilla and Sabor de Calle in Santiago de Cuba and the dance company Bara-rumba in Baracoa

Salsa Camp in Cuba in 2020 Easter Tour is organized by Salsa Camp Events ApS in cooperation with the travel agencies Checkpoint Travel in Denmark and Gaviotatours in Cuba. Tour guide is yours truly, Carl Nielsen. I have arranged Salsa Camp in Cuba since 2012 and traveled and worked with culture meeting in Cuba since 2008.

The objective of the tour is to give you the possibility to explore Cuba through the dance - making connections and people to people friendships.
On the tour you will you will have the opportunity to meet a number of exciting Cuban culture personalities as the famous crime writer Leonardo Padura. Further you the possibility to take advantage of me and my Cuban partners' strong network, commitment, knowledge and experience on Cuban salsa, music, culture and nature.

About the program:
The tour has a flexible program in the best Salsa Camp in Cuba style, with a mix of dance workshops, music, cultural meetings and excursions. You will have the advantages of boths being in a large group with access to common dance lessons, events, parties and social activities ass well as the advantages of beeing in small groups or alone, where you are able to design your own program with private dance lessons, cultural excursions, relaxing moments and to explore on your own, just as you like.

Are you for example a salsa-, son- or salsaton freak, then you can design your special salsa-, son- or salsaton dance-program with private dance lessons ad libitum in Havana, Santiago and Baracoa, with the dance instructors that you think will suit you best to move forward in your dance!

Or would you like to combine dance, culture and nature, you will have the possibility, besides the offered cultural and nature tours, to make suggestions about, what you would like to see. If this is not achiveable in the "main program", I will try to satisfy your wishes in the "a small additional program-" by arranging excursions etc. with English speaking Cuban guides from my Cuban partner network.

About the dance program
The common dance program will include 16-hour of dance lessons and social dancing with Cuban dance partners in the morning plus social dancing with Cuban partners at the welcome and goodbye parties in Havanna, Santiago and Baraco.  

There is a Cuban dance partner for each participant and an a team of two instructors for each dance level, so the instructors will have the possibility to both teach the group and "coach" each dance couples. The workshops will be organized as a "Fiesta Cubana" with high energy, life of joy, flirting, play, fantasy, spontanity and good laughs. You will alternate between dancing  with your own Cuban partner and change partners throughout. Some of the dance lessons will take place at the beach.

The program basically has the following daily points:
09.40-10.00: Morning meeting on today's program
10.00-11.30: Common dance lessons, Cuban partners
11.30-12.00: Social dance with Cuban dance partners
12:00-14:00: Breakfast
14.00-17.00: Possibility of private lessons in dance and dance
                      cultural excursions and own activities
19.00-21.00: Dinner time
21.00 ..........: Dance and music activities (Common or on
                      own hand for desire and need) Below
                      possibility for our instructors to participate
                      and Cuban dance partners

The common dancing lessons in the mornings as well as the common welcome- and goodbye parties, bus-excursions and salsa boat tour is mandatory for all. The participation in private dance lessons and offered cultural activities, etc. in the afternoons and evenings are voluntary.

The price of private dance lessons is from 15 CUC (about 15 euro) per. hour for one person and 10-15 CUC for small groups. (10-15 euro kr.)  The price of the offered culture activities is the price of the transport, entrance and Cuban guides.

About the accommodation
In Havana you will be accommodated in casa particulares (private pensions), in the middle of Havana Centrum close to everything, where you just can walk around! In Santiago de Cuba you will be accommodated in casa particulares, which have terraces and nice view of Santiago City, and where you can walk around being close to everything. - In Baracoa you will stay 5 days at Hotel El Castillo, which is a lovely rebuilt fort with svimming pool and super beautiful view of the city, the Baracoa mountains and the Caribeen Occean. - You will end up staying 1 night in the same casa particular in Havana, where you started the tour.

The tour price is based on accommodation in double rooms and you have the option to accomodate in single room for extra 1.900 kr or 275 Euro. Breakfast is included in the price in both the hotel and in casa particulares.

About the flight trip 
We will fly with Air France to Cuba 27 March at 09.55 AM from Copenhagen Airport and arrive to Havana at 18.35. The return is April 12 at 21.55 from havana Airport and arriving Copenhagen April 13 at 13.05.

Joining the tour from outside Denmark
If you are coming from outside Denmark, like the Nordic Countries, Germany, UK or another country in Europe you can choose to buy the tour package directly from Havana and fly to Cuba on your own.

Click on the photos
0.Web marisuri instructors
Marisuri Dance School in Havana1.Havana Beach tour
Beach-Tour-Fun at the Havana beach 8.VialesView1
View to the the beautiful Viñales Valley 

havana de primera 22

    Havana de Primera - The hottest Cuban Salsa Band8.SaborDKY 1

The Santiago-team, Yanek Revilla & Sabor DKY
santiago 1Pre-party and terrace view, casa particular, Santiago
8.CaletonBeach 1
Winther bathing in Santiago de Cuba 1. el castillo Caribbean Ocean view from Hotel Castillo,Baracoa

The Baracoa-Team - Bara-rumba Dance Company

8.View Baracoa Valley2 
View of the Baracoa Mountain Valley
8.Bara Rum son
Entrance Baracoa Bay - From where Cuba beginns!


Pris 20,700 kr. / € 2.890, double room. 
 Single room (1.900 DKR / 270 Euro extra)

The price is including:
- Visum (which will be send to your private adress)
- Return flight, Copenhagen / Havana with KLM
- Flight Havana-Santiago de Cuba
- Bus Santiago-Baracoa
- Flights Baracoa-Havana
- 5 days in Havana (Casa particulares)
- 5 days in Baracoa (Hotel El Castillo)
- 5 days in Santiago de Cuba (Casa particulares)
- 1 day in Havana (Casa particulares)
-  Nice breakfast every morning
- 16 hours of common dance lessons with Cuban partner
-  Social dancing with Cuban partner at the welcome,
   goodbye and other parties.
-  All announced common transport,  bus excursions Viñales
   cultural meeting, activities, parties with dance partners, shows
   and orchestras, rueda de casinos, flash mobs etc.
-  Top qualified traveling guidance, servicies and advice before,
   during and after the tour. 
-  Possibility to extend the flight ticket (Minimum 120 euro extra
   for tickets in the same price range. You have to be quick if you
   want to extend! - So please contact me quickly to get the
   best and cheapest trip)
-  Possibility for single room (1.900 DKR / 275 Euro extra)

The tour package directly from Cuba
The cost to join the tour package directly from Cuba is 14.250 DKK / 1.965 euro including visum, that will be send to your home adress about one month before going to Cuba.
Single room is 1.900 DKK / 275 euro extra. In total 16.150 DKK / 2.240 euro

The price does not include:
- Disease cancellation insurance and mandatory travel insurance - Private lessons in dance and offered voluntary culture activities
- Lunch and evening meals.

You can sign up HERE (Click)
- Ultimate deadline to sign up: February 1st. 
- Deposit 2.000 DKR / 300 euro. (paid when you sign up)
- Registration and Accountnumber: 5381 / 0261342
- IBAN account number: DK1053810000261342


If you need additional information, please feel free to contact me on: Mob +45) 2323 5728 / Email:  


1. lea-rumba 
  Bara-rumba show, Casa de la Musica, Baracoa1. cuba kort
Google Map, Cuba, Havana, Santiago, Baracoapadura haarup greene
Good books to read about Cuba

                     Day-to-Day-Program coming up here!